About antenna construction

Terrestrial digital broadcasting / BS antenna installation  For each 15,000 yen~

 Attach the antenna required to watch terrestrial digital broadcasting and BS broadcasting on TV. The construction fee varies depending on the metal fittings and masts required depending on the installation location such as the balcony, rooftop, attic, and wall surface.


Booster installation (including main body) 15,000 yen~

 Install the booster that is needed when the signal received by the antenna is weak.

Antenna adjustment 8,000 yen~

 We will perform adjustment work such as when the already installed antenna cannot receive radio waves due to typhoons. You may need new metal fittings for adjustment.

Remove antenna from 5,000 yen~

 We will remove the installed antenna when it is no longer needed or when the antenna is moved due to moving.

1 year construction guarantee

We will respond to the trouble due to the construction free of charge within one year after the construction.


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