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New installation and relocation construction for room air conditioners and commercial air conditioners


We will install the air conditioner and the outdoor unit, remove and dispose of it (standard construction), replace and extend plumbing, install an air conditioner outlet (additional construction).


In addition to the standard construction, additional construction may be required depending on the location where the outdoor unit of the air conditioner is installed and whether or not there is an outlet for the air conditioner.


 For details, see "Standard construction and additional construction of air conditioners."

Installation, relocation, adjustment construction of terrestrial digital antenna and BS antenna


 We will attach the antennas necessary for watching terrestrial digital broadcasting and BS on TV, and adjust them when the image quality is poor due to removal or typhoon.

 We will also attach a booster, which is required when the radio waves received by the antenna are weak.

Depending on the installation location (veranda, rooftop, attic, wall, etc.), metal fittings and masts may be required.

Home appliance installation and relocation construction


Installation of home appliances purchased at the online shop. (Air conditioners, hot water washing and heating toilet seats, dishwashers, washing machines/dryers, TV wall mounts, etc.)



Intercom installation construction. → Quote required



Installation of security cameras. →Quote required

Electric vehicle charging facility construction. →Quote required

1 year construction guarantee

We will respond to the trouble due to the construction free of charge within one year after the construction.

We also accept subcontracting construction such as electric construction, communication construction, plant electric construction.

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