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 Yukikogyo operates an electrician business in Okinawa.。


 We mainly deal with air conditioner construction, antenna construction, and other home appliance construction.


 We also accept subcontracting construction such as electrical construction, communication construction, and plant electrical construction.

Office name Yukikogyo
Representative Naofumi Yuki
Location 1829-1 Osato Inamine, Nanjo City, Okinawa Prefecture 〒901-1204
Phone number 070-5274-4709
FAX number 098-944-8666
Founding 2003
  • Second type Electrician Tokyo No. 135743
  • Registered electrician business Okinawa Prefecture Governor Registration No. 30A26771
  • Industrial waste collection and transportation business: Okinawa Prefecture Governor License No. 04704200317
Members 2 (as of January 2019)

Business contents

  • Electrical construction in general
  • Communication construction
  • Antenna construction
  • Air conditioner construction
  • Air conditioner disassembly cleaning
  • Home appliance installation construction
  • Subcontracting construction
Main bank Bank of Ryukyu 

We also accept subcontracting construction such as electric construction, communication construction, plant electric construction.

Please feel free to contact us by phone, email, fax, or inquiry form.


Please feel free to contact us.

〒901-1204 沖縄県南城市大里稲嶺1829-1


1829-1 Ozato-Inamine Nanjo city OKINAWA 901-1204

TEL 070-5274-4709


FAX 098-944-8666

E-mail mail@yukikogyo-okinawa.com